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In a country where vaginal discomforts are a taboo, the Healthy Vagina managed to make her appearance and create awareness on intimate discomforts. At the annual congress of the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia, there was a special booth where women could meet the Healthy Vagina, ask questions and receive information on vaginal health. […]

The Healthy Vagina made a big appearance in Lithuania. She was welcomed by many, however some people were very surprised to see our huge pink friend in action. But the message was clear: breaking the taboo and emphasizing the importance of treating and preventing vaginal discomforts.

July 15, 2014

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June 27, 2014

Vaginal Pain – If you have any kind of vaginal pains, don’t neglect it, thinking that it will go away by itself. Vaginal pains could be serious and need immediate attention.But before that, here are some of the reasons why you could be experiencing vaginal pain or discomforts.   1. Infection Most commonly called vaginal […]

May 27, 2014

Every woman has some sort of vaginal discharge and the amount of discharge is individual for each woman. The same is for smell. Every person has its own smell. What is “normal” or “abnormal” is therefore for you yourself to know. You have to take into consideration that the amount of discharge is not constant […]