August 22, 2014

Visiting the gynaecologist: scary or not?

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Most women prefer going to the dentist than visiting a gynaecologist. It sounds rather logical because it can be embarrassing to reveal your intimate parts. You can feel quite vulnerable in a chair with your legs up. It sure isn’t comfortable. But is visiting the gynaecologist a thing to be afraid of? It helps when you know what to expect.

Visiting a gynaecologist: what can you expect

It can be quite exciting to visit a gynaecologists for the first time. Will it be a man or a woman examining you? And what will he or she ask or do? When you visit a gynaecologist for the first time, they will start with questions about your medical back ground. The doctor can ask about your menstruation or about your sexual activity. This could seem a little uncomfortable but for a gynaecologists this is merely a routine. After these questions, the gynaecologist will start an examination. This could consist of a vaginal ultrasound or a smear, all depending on the complaints your may have. This is not painful at all; merely a bit unpleasant.

Why is it important to visit a gynaecologist

Women usually make an appointment with a gynaecologist when they have a complaint such as itch, abnormal discharge or an odor. Especially when these complaints persist, it’s very important to visit a gynaecologist. But visiting a gynaecologist can also help prevent vaginal complaints. Most women have symptoms like itch or abnormal discharge when they are suffering from a vaginal infection, but sometimes a condition goes unnoticed. So it’s important to get checked regularly.

Tips for a comfortable visit to your gynaecologist

Visiting a gynaecologist is nothing to be afraid of. Also remember that a gynaecologist realises that you can be nervous. He or she will surely take this into account. Don’t forget that a vaginal examination is very normal for a gynaecologist and that you don’t have to feel ashamed of anything.

Here are some tips to make your visit to the gynaecologist as comfortable as possible:

• Wear clothing that you take off and put on again very easily. A skirt is very handy in this case so you don’t feel ‘naked’ when walking to the patient chair.
• Write down your questions in advance so you won’t forget anything during your examination.
• Write down when you had your last period. This is a question that is often asked during the first visit. You also might want to keep track of your cycle.
• Check when you started using contraceptives and write down the name of the product.

Make sure you go well prepared. This saves a lot of tension. And also very important: relax! Read a nice book or a magazine in the waiting room. And remember, a gynaecologist is there for your wellbeing!

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